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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Why we came into existence?

To eat or not to eat!

The fad foods diet industry is on an all time high today. You name an oddly sounding western food name, probably 3x-5x times higher priced than a regular food and its blindly followed and termed healthy. Is staying healthy that expensive an affair?


We were as confused as you would be today about what to eat and what not to. Of course half the complexities pop in with all the expensive nutritionists around We tend to eat xyz food at abc time without hearing the inner voice of our body that might be craving for a certain food or might not want a bite when we are eating our peanut butter sandwich at 4 pm. Amongst all this confusion of unreal healthy world, we had to start somewhere and let this education flow. Even if it meant leaving a corporate life and starting an entreprenueral journey towards the ayurvedic way of life and providing products to consumers that gel well with their modern lives, making “Everyday ayurveda “ a routine affair!

About Tathya Foods

At Tathya Foods a part of RB Foods And Beverages, we carefully craft foods on the basis of Ayurveda that can blend in your natural diets and can become a way of living rather than finding a new diet everytime, all the time . It not only proves to be unsustainable over a longer period of time but also leads to health struggles and frustrations

Our fundamental philosophy​

Food often called RASA in ayurveda nourishes our senses and body and cannot be treated as carbs, protein, fats in isolation. The sense of belongingness to our plants and nature is intrinsic and idea is to stick to it, naturally the way our grand dads and grand mums did and stayed healthy , peacefully with longer life spans.

As a part of our ideology we will always create products that will heal your body and soul and help you run the difficult tasks of your life with vigour and sense of fulfillment. While we take care of your food, we wish you the best to take care of your life 
If your life is important to you, your food has to top the list of priority
And We promise you to deliver the utmost quality foods and make our best efforts for your healthy and fulfilling lives 

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