Lavender Tea


Tathya's Pure Organic Lavender Flower Tea 30g- 30 Cups | Sun Dried Flowers | Organic Farms of Kashmir | Iced Tea, Flavored Syrups, Cocktails, Organic Soap Making & Infusion


  • BOOST IMMUNITY : Lavender Flower tea contains high amounts of antioxidants and antibacterial compounds that can help fend off the common cold and flu. It contains vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients support immune health and make it easier for the human body to fight off bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

  • IMPROVES SLEEP : Lavender flower tea boosts the production of dopamine and reduces the stress hormone known as cortisol. The relaxing effects of it can help improve sleep and may be used to treat sleep disorders.

  • AIDS RESPIRATORY HEALTH : Lavender tea can help people who suffer from breathing problems by opening up airways. The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender soothe inflamed muscles in the throat and chest, making it easier to breathe. The antibacterial properties of lavender tea also help to eliminate bacteria that can cause chest colds and congestion.

  • USAGE : The flower is used as tea and in food as a flavoring agent. It also used as ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, potpourri, and decorations.

  • BREWING INFORMATION : Infuse 0.75 g lavender flower in 120 ml of hot water for 5 minutes for refreshing tea.